Leap into Thanksgiving on Leap Year!

“Local writer Mary R. Arno will be at Octavia Books to discuss THANKSGIVING…”

Octavia_Books_10-09_106Excited to be heading back to New Orleans this week for a Thanksgiving reading and book signing at Octavia Books, located in uptown New Orleans, Louisiana (513 Octavia Street, corner of Laurel)

You can learn more by calling 504-899-READ (7323) or visit the link at http://www.octaviabooks.com/event/mary-r-arno-thanksgiving


Leap Into Thanksgiving!
Monday Feb. 29, 2016
Octavia Books
6 pm., 513 Octavia St., New Orleans


It would’ve been Peg’s favorite . . .


If Octavia Books had been around in the 1960s (and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t, but I could be wrong), Peg certainly would have hung out there –at least when she wasn’t hanging out at the Napoleon Avenue Library.

And since Mimi grew up on Octavia Street (on the other side of St. Charles), it is entirely fitting that “Thanksgiving” is featured in the December-January issue of The Octavian, Octavia Books’ newsletter. Check it out!