An Education, in Words & Music

I learned lots of important stuff last weekend at the 2015 Pirates Alley Faulkner Society Words & Music Literary Feast in New Orleans. A few of the highlights:

Marshall McLuhan 101: Shari Stauch of Faulkner panel
Where Writers Win led a panel on selling,
publishing and promoting books with, among
others, Bruce T. Jones and me. The biggest
applause lines? When Shari presented our book
trailers. Who knew you have to make a movie to sell a book? (And thanks, Joe Maulucci of
WBBZ-TV for the Thanksgiving trailer!)
Also on the panel was former New Orleans Saints defensive cornerback Reggie Jones. The target Faulkner Jones
audience for Reggie’s football guide is clued in
by his title: Stilettos on the Gridiron.



Journalism 201, the Digital Age:

MollysEven if you no longer work in New
Orleans media, there’s always
somebody around on Thursday
press night at  Molly’s at the Market
to give you the inside scoop.




Music Appreciation: Tim McNally of thetimmcnally
Dine Wine and Spirits Show on WGSO
AM Radio has the best taste
in ‘60s and ‘70s music. And California


Introduction to Economics, Supply and Demand:
When it’s pouring down raining at 7 p.m. on
Halloween in New Orleans, United Cab’s
phone number will be busy. Now, however, there
is Uber–for 1.5 times the standard fare. But at
10:30 on Halloween night in the
wall-to-wall-costumed-people French Quarter,
even surge pricing doesn’t work. There are still some
things that money can’t buy.